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Complying with Insurance Policy

Get Smart Bail Bonds complies with an insurance policy. This protects us and helps us to carry on our business smoothly, and help our clients efficiently.

Following the rules and regulations provided to us, serves as the first arm and helps us know who needs to be contacted, to get our clients out of jail.

At Get Smart, we deliver the necessary documents to get you, your friend or loved one released as quickly as possible.

Get Smart Bail Bonds

Here is helpful information for you:

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Lee County

Probation Office (239) 533-9199

Pre-Trail Services (239) 533-8400

Community Service (239) 533-2911 (Where to do Community Service Hours)

State Probation (239) 338-2600

At Get Smart Bail Bonds, we will always be glad to assist you further.

We have a complete set of documents available to help our clients.