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We are committed to working as quickly as possible

Get Smart Bail Bonds follows a systematic process to help clients get released.

We are committed to working as quickly as possible to achieve the goals. Get Smart uses entirely up-to-date computer software and services to process all applications, forms, and payments.

Get Smart Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Process

First Step

The moment you approach us, our first step is to find out where the defendant was arrested – city, county.

In case you do not know, you can contact us to search the database. We will then assist you with the next step and also answer all your questions.

Next Step

Once we ensure that your situation meets our qualifications, we will immediately begin our side of the process.

One of our team will then go to jail and take all necessary steps to bail you out of jail. 10% of the bond is collected upfront from the defendant or the person bailing them out of jail.  The defendant and the co-signer are responsible for making sure the defendant is aware of court dates and shows up at court accordingly.

Get Smart Bail Bonds may request collateral to assure the defendant will show up at court.  Once the case is resolved, the bond will be released to the agency, and if there is collateral, it will be returned. 

A bail bond is a three-party contract:

  • The Agent
  • Indemnitor (Guarantor)
  • Defendants

All parties must be willing to follow the contract.

Breach of Contract

Any of the following happenings is a breach of agreement:

  • If the principal fails to appear in court.
  • If the principal shall depart the jurisdiction of the court without the written consent of the court and the surety, or its agent.
  • If the principal shall move from one address to another without notifying the surety, or its agent, in writing, before the said move.
  • If the principal shall commit any act which shall constitute reasonable evidence of the principal's intention to cause a forfeiture of the bond(s).
  • If the principal is arrested and incarcerated for any offense other than a minor traffic violation.
  • If the principal shall make any material false statement in the application.
  • If the principal shall violate any special restriction or condition of the bond(s) imposed by the court.

Process Timeline

Get Smart team works as fast as possible. When we have completed our process, it is then up to the jail or release center to take the documents and release the defendant.  

There is no definite time frame as to when the defendant will be released to this point.  In the counties, it could take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours with holidays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays being the busiest days.  

Calling us as soon as possible with all the necessary information will help speed up the process.

Appearing In Court

It is critical for the defendant to make it to all court dates and meet all requirements. If the defendant fails to appear in court, a bench warrant will be issued for the defendant's arrest. The defendant's name will also appear in police bulletins as a fugitive.

Follow Up

Defendants are required to come into our office within 24 to 48 hours after being released to sign all proper documentation.

At this time, current contact information should be provided to our agency. It is essential for all defendants to contact our office if any contact information has changed or if the defendant is planning to travel out of town for any reason while out on bond.

Get Smart Bail Bonds offers 24-hour service, any court, anytime, anywhere.

We are your A+ choice in bail bond services. We ensure that all the documents are processed correctly to help you get released as quickly as possible.